Bộ giảm chấn SHYC-20-10

- Dampens noise, Reduces vibrations, protects the press and increases tool life.
- Made in Germany
Giá: Liên hệ
Hãng sản xuất : HYLATECHNIK
Bảo hành : 1 năm

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Dampens noise, Reduces vibrations, protects the press and increases tool life.

Prevents the Adverse Effects of Reverse Loads

At the instant of breakthrough during blanking, the press and dies are subjected to severe stress. Sooner or later this results in damage to bearings, seals, gibways, etc. and to increased die wear, or even punch breakage.

• the life of the press and dies are substantially increased.
• Noise and vibration are signifi cantly reduced.
Operating Principle

In the starting position the damper piston is fully extracted. The oil compartment of the cylinder is fi lled with oil. Force is applied to the piston by the press ram, and the oil is expelled through one orifi ce or more. Before the blanking operation the ram descends at normal speed and the orifi ce inside the damper causes only a low pressure rise inside the oil compartment. This adds only a relatively small load to the press. On breakthrough of the blanking punch the ram speed increases to a multiple value. The fl ow resistance across the orifi ce rises, causing high pressure inside the cylinder – the damping effect is produced.
After the downward force has been removed, the piston of the damper returns to it’s starting position. The oil compartment is again fi lled with oil through a non-return valve.


Recommendation for connecting SHYC-M to an external supply tank
Use low-pressure (30 bar) hydraulic tubing or fl exible hose. The connection should be kept as short as possible.
Never use quick acting couplings!

Recommendation for connecting SHYC-S to a press hydraulic system 
(supply pressure min. 5 bar, max. 50 bar)